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Paraguay Permanent-Fiscal Residency permit, Citizenship & 2nd Passport - Fast-track application facilitator

Fast-track Services for our Clients Expats:

l  Residency, Immigration application

l  Real Estate

l  Investments

l  Business

Our agency offers all the services you could need to successfully set up,
settle in and bring your projects to life.

We liaise with qualified Notaries, Lawyers & multilingual interpreters/translators.

Papers and paperwork procedures

l Fiscal/Permanent Residency Card

l Paraguay ID Card

l Legal Second Passport

l Driver’s license (car - motorbike – camping car of less than 3 tons)

l Sworn translations & notarized certificates

l Vital record certificates

l Deeds of Sale, Purchase and Lease

l Various contracts and agreements

l Opening Bank accounts

Your stay in Paraguay

l Accommodation options

  • - Hotel
  • - Lodgings (short stays possible)
  • - B&B (high-end)

l Vehicle hire

l Partnerships – Joint-ventures, etc.

  • - Traditional tours
  • - Eco-Tours
  • - Guide interpreter

Moving out

l Official papers

l Immigration papers

l Shipping container

l Ocean freight

l Customs clearance

l Flights and travel

l Secure storage

Settling in Paraguay

l Pick-up right off the plane

l Accommodation & Logistics

l Finding work

l Starting a business

l Domicile:

  • - permanent residency
  • - corporate legal domicile (call centre – marketing, etc.)

l Corporate services

l Schooling (primary–secondary–university): enrolments

l Blending in (personal & professional)

Acquiring real estate property

l Legal counsel & Legal aid

l Visits & negotiation

l Background checks

l Notarization

Legal counsel

l In collaboration with our partner network of qualified Notaries, Lawyers & multilingual      interpreters/translators.

Application for Paraguay Residency permit, Paraguay Fiscal Residency, Paraguay Identity card & Paraguay second Passport.
Paraguay Immigration services for expats & foreigners, fast-track residency application package.