In these uncertain times of economic, political major, financial, banking world crisis which arrives for 2017:


Did you think of it ?

Yes, it is very easy...

Save your money: Why & How to get quickly your Fiscal Residency in Paraguay

Offshore-Passport, Paraguay Passport, Paraguay residency, Paraguay citizenship

. ​You certainly pay a lot, far too many taxes !!!

. ​What would you think of legally paying… more or less 0 taxes* ?

. ​In most of the cases, simply by setting your Fiscal address in Paraguay !

. ​In just 2 days administrative formalities...


Get your Permanent Residency Card in Paraguay and exempt your income & profits from a heavy taxation in your own country.

You get it now in just 2 days of administrative formalities: just bring a birth certificate and a recent police record extract.

You then become a fiscal Resident for life in Paraguay, a real opportunity!

Your Paraguayan ID card allows you to travel as free as the air, in all the countries of South-America (Mercosur) without any need for your passport.

Paraguay is THE most easy country in the world to obtain your Permanent Residency permit, ID Card and your 2nd Passport.

OUR PACKAGE N°1   (2days formalities only)

. ​Permanent Resident permit (for life)
. ​ID-Card
. ​Driver license ...................................

TOTAL: for only  1.750 €

Your fast-track  2nd PASSPORT 

It is then possible for you to very quickly acquire your second passport, particularly if you are a business investor.

You can obtain your second Passport on a fast-track basis, and your fiscal address in Paraguay!

Calculate now the big savings you realize from your taxes within the next 10 years !

Thanks to this tax economy, you can offer yourself a charming tropical property, in one of the tropical Paradises of South-America, and maybe much more !

Paraguay residency, Paraguay ID card, Paraguay citizenship, Paraguay Passport


. ​Our Package N°1


. ​2nd PASSPORT ................................

TOTAL:   13.500 €


Fiscal Residency

You are fiscally considered as a resident of another country by the fiscal administration, if you live outside of your country for more than 183 days a year.

Your taxes legally depend accordingly to the respective laws of both countries on a case by case basis.

Special advantages are to be studied according to your offshore activities on a case by case basis.

The fiscal residency particularly suits for:

- Retired people - Annuitants - Taxables on their fortune

- Offshore activities: e-business - Jobs related to the Internet - Trader in stock exchange - Artistic Activities - Journalism - Online activities

- Tele consulting - Tele secretary - Tele teaching - Tele maintenance

- Property dealer - International Activities - Delocalizable businesses - Brokerage, etc.

* Informations subject to change depending on new eventual regulation.


Application for Paraguay Residency permit, Paraguay Fiscal Residency, Paraguay Identity card & Paraguay second Passport.
Paraguay Immigration services for expats & foreigners, fast-track residency application package.

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